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Miele RX-1 Scout Vacuum Cleaner-Robot vacuum cleaner

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120 minutes running time so more ground is covered. Scout RX1 an attractive new addition to you home.

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Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Smart Navigation
  • Non-stop Power
  • Triple Cleaning
  • 4 Cleaning Modes
  • Remote Control
  • Recommended for quick pickups and for in between use of your full-size Miele upright or canister


Miele RX-1 Scout Vacuum Cleaner

Convenient and timesaving, the Miele Scout RX1 offers effective cleaning (including corners) with a long battery charge and a slim-line design to clean difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

Miele RX-1 Scout Smart Navigation
Only two finger presses on the touch panel starts the Miele RX1 Scout. Or you can use the included remote control to start and control vacuuming.

Miele’s Smart Navigation features an integrated gyro sensor that measures and registers the turning movements, with the high-quality digital camera scanning the ceiling of the room several times a minute to ensure complete cleaning.


Miele RX-1 Scout Avoids Bumps And Falls

The Scout RX1 also benefits from seven infra-red sensors that scan 180° in front of the robovac to avoid collisions with a further three sensors beneath the unit to avoid falling off steps. With good traction on all common floor coverings, the Scout RX1 is able to negotiate height differences of up to 2cm making it ideal for rooms with rugs.


Miele RX-1 Scout Triple Cleaning System

A Triple Cleaning System provides effective cleaning; two long rotating side brushes target difficult areas along the walls of rooms or along items of furniture and sweep dirt towards the center of the unit. Once there, a removable beater bar picks up coarser particles and in the third stage, a fan transports the finer dust into a dust box. This container has a capacity of 0.6L and can be removed at the touch of a button while the AirClean filter ensures clean room air.


Miele RX-1 Scout Four Cleaning Modes

Four cleaning modes guarantee maximum cleaning convenience:

  • In 'Auto' mode, the unit travels through all rooms.
  • 'Spot' mode is intended for a defined area of at most 1.80 metres square (approximately 20 square feet), for example to clean up crumbs from under the breakfast table.
  • In 'Corner' mode, all rooms are first cleaned in 'Auto' before returning to clean all edge areas once again.
  • For particularly fast cleaning, Miele offers its Turbo mode in which the robovac cleans the entire home but travels in straight lines with greater spacing. In this case, cleaning is somewhat more thorough than in 'Auto' mode but only takes half as long.

Miele RX-1 Scout Benefits you’ll Love

  • 4 easy-to-program cleaning modes; whether you want extra care in corners, a quick whip-around or a more thorough clean.
  • Timer: set a desired cleaning time and the vacuuming is done before you come home
  • 2 extra-long side brushes and beater bar for a thorough clean
  • 120 minutes running time so more ground is covered
  • A compact and slim-line design making the Scout RX1 an attractive new addition to you home

Miele RX1 Scout Video.

Click Download For Manual


Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Turbo Brush roller
  • Smart Navigation
  • Triple Cleaning System
  • Non-Stop Power
  • Furniture Protection System
  • Auto Mode
  • Spot Mode
  • Corner Mode
  • Turbo Mode
  • Manual Navigation
  • Timer
  • Charging Station
  • Remote Control
  • Side brushes
  • AirClean filter
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Lithium-ion battery
Availability Usually ships within 1-3 business days.
Warranty Service 1-Year Warranty on Lithium-ion battery • 2-Year Warranty on all other components
Manufacturer No

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